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Most days you’ll find me tucked away in my studio with ink stained hands, surrounded by sheets of paper. I wish could say that my studio was beautifully organised and magazine worthy but let’s be honest, creating is messy business.

I have always dreamt of having a life that was full of adventure so that one day I would have fabulous stories to tell my grandchildren. Everyone tells you how quickly time flies … I used to roll my eyes when I heard this but now I say the same thing. I believe the time is now to pursue those dreams of you have, the adventure is waiting for you now.

Life has been adventurous me so far. Originally I am from Sydney, Australia, but now I am living just outside of Oslo, Norway with the love of my life and our two very Norwegian girls.

I have always been creative but I have never been particularly passionate about a certain area until I found calligraphy. I have always loved to write. My parents used to call me the little secretary because as a 2 year I would sit for hours writing (scribbling back then) and playing with papers.

As I grew up, my love for writing was always there. In grade 4 I was the first to get my pen license, I still remember the feeling of being the only one with good enough writing to use a pen.

When I was completing my final exams at school, I had a really hard time staying focused on what I was meant to study, so as I sat and studied for hours on end I changed the style of my writing just to stay interested in what I was doing. Nothing much has changed… I still love to write… anything and everything.

My education is in Nutrition but I am too much of a hypocrite to practice it. When I moved to Norway I wrote a cake blog until I fell pregnant and morning sickness kicked in. The truth is cake is way more fun than vegetables, right?

My calligraphy style? To be honest, I love it all!  From traditional copperplate and Spenserian styles that are beautifully grand and old world to the free form of modern calligraphy that can be romantic or playful, the options are limitless.

I want you to look at that piece of calligraphy whether it’s a wall print, greeting card or something for your wedding and feel happy.

I believe the time is now to pursue those dreams of yours, the adventure is waiting for you now.

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