There is nothing like receiving something that has been handwritten, it rarely happens these days. Calligraphy and hand lettering adds style and a personal touch to your event.

My calligraphy and lettering is always evolving and I love to create new fonts and styles. If you have a specific style in mind that you don’t see below please contact me and we can discuss your wishes further.


This style, one of my most popular, is whimsical and romantic. It’s characterised by an uneven base line and slanted letters. It is perfect for all the romantics out there.


Like the Whimsical Italic style, this style is romantic yet modern. The letters stand straight, which gives the style a fresher modern twist.


This is my most traditional style. I named it London because it is proper, simple and elegant, just like the city London. It is has a straight base line, meaning that all the letters sit on the same line. It is perfect for more fancy affairs.          mod-lond

Like the London style, the Modern London is traditional at heart but it’s uneven base line gives it a more relaxed and modern feel.


The balloon style is modern and playful. The letters are round and its uneven baseline gives it a cheeky feel.